Student Poster Contest Winners


SusTech 2016 is  pleased to announce the winners of the Student Poster Contest.

3rd Place: US$250

Multimodal Biometrics in Consumer Mobile Device: a Step Toward IoT Security

Jacob Biloki, Karthik Karunanithi, Yu Liu, Daniel Kim, California State University Fullerton

2nd Place: US$500

Addressing global water scarcity with a novel hydrogel based desalination technique using saponified starch-g-polyacrylamide’s hydrophilic properties to harvest fresh water

Chaitanya Karamchedu, Jesuit High School/Portland State U

1st Place: US$750

An Environmentally Friendly Method of Sensor Production using Electron Beam Lithography

Ammon Johnston, Paul Weber, Ephraim Nielsen, Reza Kamali, Utah Valley University

Congratulations to the winners!