Call for Applications for Invited Speakers at SusTech 2021


SusTech 2021,,  would like to take advantage of the virtual format.

SusTech is inviting applications to present invited talks.  These talks can be from recent developments, journal papers, or conference presentations.  SusTech 2021 will present papers in a real time (recorded with speaker present for Q&A, or live) format, followed by a period of time when the recorded presentations can be viewed on-demand for attendees. Invited talks (no publication) will be  subject to the same fees as regular SusTech 2021 online-attendees; the early fees are very reasonable ($25, Student, $50 IEEE Members, $75 Non-IEEE Member). See Registration page for details.

The benefit to the speaker is increased networking and visibility.  The benefit to SusTech 2021, and attendees, is a more interesting technical program.

To submit an invited talk, we have two ways.  One, submit a 2-page abstract in EDAS in the Invited Papers track.   Instruction are found here, .

The other way is to use the form below.

For questions, send E-mail to the TPC Chair, Charles Jackson,  If accepted you will need to submit an abstract into EDAS so we can schedule your talk in the program.

Note: Speakers will usually need to get approval from their institution to present, but there is no need for an author to get approval from publisher, as giving a talk does not violate the paper copyright.  We will post the recorded talk for a period of time, so a copyright form for the presentation will be required.  (If you don’t want your presentation posted past the conference dates, we can arrange that)  And to be clear, invited papers that have already been published can not go into IEEE Xplore. Although a 2-page extended abstract can be included in the conference proceedings.

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