SusTech 2021 Program Guide available


The SusTech 2021 Program Guide is now available here (PDF).

Key Program Features

  • 3 full days, Thursday April 22 – Saturday April 24
  • Thursday/Friday Technical Papers: keynotes, panels and 44 research papers in 11 sessions (see
  • Saturday: Sustainability Forum, keynotes, panels and poster awards.
  • Nine Keynotes/Featured Speakers
  • Three Focused Sessions
  • Four Panels

See Full program schedule on Program page or in EDAS


Student Poster Competition

Seventeen Student Poster presentations split in Wednesday AM and Thursday PM Sessions (see


Keynote/Featured Speakers

Mohamed-Slim Alouini 6G: Towards a More Connected and Sustainable World
Jack Brouwer 100% Renewable And Zero Emissions Energy With Hydrogen
Walter Iu ESG – Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance
Nirupama Prakash Kumar New paradigm in renewable microgrids – let’s change our thinking!
Maike Luiken New Initiatives in Advancing IEEE Sustainability Thought Leadership
Dr. Vasilios I. Manousiouthakis Analysis and Synthesis of Sustainable Systems
Dr. Benjamin Park Enabling What Customers Want: The Story of Enevate’s Technology
Jay Schmuecker and David Toyne Our Tractor Fuels and Farm Fertilizer Demonstration System
Stafford Sheehan A new chemical process for ethanol production from carbon dioxide, water, and electricity
Daniel K. Tabor If We Build It They Will Come – The Intersection of Technological Systemization and Customer Proficiency
Brian Zahnstecher A System of Systems (SoS) for Assessing & Optimizing Networks for Energy Efficiency


Focused Sessions

April 22
9:05- 10:25 AM PT
FS1: Sustainability for 5G and 6G
April 23
9:05 – 10:25 AM
FS2: IEEE Standards and Initiatives for Sustainability:
The path to a smart electric power system
April 24
11:10 AM – 12:10 PM
FS3: IEEE Standards and Initiatives for Sustainability:
“Building an Enhanced IEEE Sustainability Community – New Initiatives and Standards Activities to Accelerate and Amplify IEEE Leadership in Supporting Sustainable Development Goals”



April 22
10:30 – 11:50 AM PT
Panel 1: The New Norm? Water Supply Challenges and Resiliency for California Panel with Diane Gatza, Russ Lefevre and Chris Repp
April 22
2:45 – 4:10 PM
Panel 2: Future Networks & Applications Roadmap for Sustainable Cities/Societies Panel Moderated by Fawzi Behmann
April 23
3:50 – 5:10 PM
Panel 3: Cybersecurity for Sustainable Infrastructure Panel Moderated by David E. Gonzalez
April 24
9:55 – 11:05 AM
Panel 4: Young Professionals Panel – Sustainability in Tech Companies Panel Moderated by Alberto Tam Yong



Sponsors for SusTech 2021 include the IEEE Oregon, Phoenix, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire (Foothill), Orange County, Metro Los Angeles, and Coastal Los Angeles Sections, IEEE Region 6, IEEE-USA; and co-sponsored by the IEEE PES, SSIT and TEMS Societies.