Be a Patron (Sponsor) or Exhibitor at SusTech 2024

The SusTech 2024 Conference will be held April 14-17 in Portland, OR, with remote participation options for authors and attendees. It’s an opportunity for your organization to promote your activities to our attendees in the sustainability technology field.

We anticipate attendance of between 100-200. Our technical partners include the IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology (SSIT),  Industry Applications Society (IAS), Oceanic  Engineering Society (OES), Power and Energy Society (PES), Sensors Council, Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS), the IEEE Standards Association and IEEE-USA.

We would like to invite you to become a part of SusTech 2024 by exhibiting technological solutions your organization is bringing to the market place related to Sustainability. We also have a number of customizable sponsorship opportunities available to your company.


The conference is organized into tracks and will feature distinguished invited speakers in plenary sessions:

Focus AreaTopics
Agriculture and Food Technology(e.g. control and production of fertilizers, soil management, water conservation technology, irrigation control, fisheries)
Energy Efficiency(e.g. sensors and measurement, retrofits of existing infrastructure, energy saving controls, data centers, power saving, Smart Environment)
Renewable/Alternative Energy(e.g. solar, wind, tidal, fuel cells, energy harvesting, nuclear, geothermal, power distribution)
Sustainable Electronics(e.g. sustainable manufacturing and industrial applications, components and systems, global materials supply, reuse and repair of consumer electronics, Open repair manuals and on-line repair and electronics sustainability resources, best practices)
Internet of Things (IOT) for sustainability(e.g.: sensors, computing, control systems, communication, storage and drive electronics targeted for IOT applications, medical electronics)
Smart and Micro Grids(e.g. communications, control, power electronics, industrial and home applications, energy storage, demand control and response, AI/ML for smart and micro grids)
Smart Cities(e.g. intelligent infrastructure, smart environment, smart buildings, connected ecosystem, AI/ML for sustainability, data collection and analytics)
Intelligent Transportation Systems(e.g. transportation electrification, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, aviation/drones, motors, drive controls, batteries, sensors, electronics & fuel economy, environmental & power distribution impacts)
Ecological Sustainability and Conservation(e.g. technology to monitor global environmental change, technology for conserving nature on the high and deep seas, technology for nature conservation and management, technology to reduce the spread of invasive species, technologies to reduce the ecological foot print of a growing (blue) economy, technology to measure progress towards the sustainable development goals)
Sustainable Aviation(e. g. airframes, propulsion systems and zero emissions, maintenance, safety, reliability, fly by wire, air traffic management, airworthiness certification, airport decarbonization)
Sustainable Management(e.g. sustainable projects management, leading societal change, adoption and deployment of new technologies, leading and managing innovation, business cases and planning, partnering and collaboration, cybersecurity planning and implementation, environmental and social governance (ESG))
Societal Implications / Quality of Life / Public Policy(e.g. engineering of sustainable solutions, life-cycle analysis, implementation and diffusion challenges for sustainable technologies, ethics of Smart Cities, health & medical electronics, global education & human resources, ethics and professional responsibility, risk management, public policy)
eWaste & Circular Economy(e.g. reduction, conversion, disposal, recycling, materials harvesting, reuse, managing product lifecycle)
Ocean Waste & Pollution Management(e.g. engineering solutions for industrial & military dumping in the oceans, CO2 trapping in the oceans effect, acoustic pollution, technologies for managing coastal oceans)
Water Resources Management(e.g. quantity and distribution of water in natural and the built environment, sensors, controls, systems to treat, reclaim, and conserve water)


The 2024 SusTech Conference is an opportunity for your organization to promote your activities to our attendees in the sustainability technology field. The anticipated attendees represent a cross-section of researchers, developers and industry.

  • Academic (Professor, Dept. Chair, Researcher, Student)
  • Industry (Aerospace, Defense, Power, Industrial, Automotive, Software, Semiconductor, Electronics, Communications, Consulting)

Sponsors (Patrons) will receive significant recognition before, during and after the 2023 SusTech Conference, making a lasting impression on all attendees.

Contributions to the IEEE SusTech Conference by organizations and individuals can qualify as tax-deductible contributions to IEEE.

Note: Exhibitors receive exhibit visibility during the SusTech Conference. Exhibits are not donations.

Sponsorship Levels

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    SusTech 2024 is financially sponsored by IEEE Region 6, IEEE Oregon, IEEE San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and IEEE Coastal Los Angeles Sections, IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology (SSIT), and IEEE-USA. With technical sponsorship by the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS), Oceanic  Engineering Society (OES), Power and Energy Society (PES), Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) and Standards Association (IEEE-SA)




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