ISO Strategic Advisory Group Smart Farming – Call for Nomination of Experts


New ISO (International Standards Organization) Advisory group.

ANSI seeks interested stakeholders to join the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) on smart farming, and experts who may have interest in:

  • serving as the ANSI co-leader of the SAG with Mr. Lehmann, head of business development, smart farming, DIN;
  • serving as the ANSI expert on the SAG; and/or
  • serving as a member of the ANSI virtual technical advisory group (VTAG) to support the ANSI expert on the SAG.

The main deliverable of the new SAG is expected to be a smart farming standardization roadmap, to be presented to the ISO TMB at its September 2022 meeting.

[Note: ANSI is the official USA rep to the ISO]

More info is available at: