Announcing Diamond Patron


SusTech 2024 is pleased to announce the support of Makersite as a Diamond Patron.

Makersite is a Product Lifecycle Intelligence software tailored for the global manufacturing industry. Harnessing groundbreaking AI technology, Makersite empowers product teams to efficiently manage sustainability, cost, and compliance, turning complex multi-level criteria analysis and decisions at scale from months to minutes. Founded in 2018 by industry veterans, the Stuttgart-based company boasts team members across Europe, Asia, and North America supporting a customer portfolio of industry trailblazers such as Microsoft, Schaeffler, Cummins, and Vestas.

Makersite simplifies intricate product and supply chain data tasks by creating digital twins of product models. Enriched with global supply chain data, these models offer a comprehensive view of a product’s environmental, cost, and compliance impact throughout its lifecycle. Makersite accelerates the product development process, allowing teams to effectively identify cost-saving and eco-friendly strategies in real-time. The result is a faster and more collaborative approach to product development. Visit to learn more about Makersite’s innovative solutions. Or visit Makersite LinkedIn

What is Makersite?

Also, see the Microsoft’s LCA methodology with Makersite.