SusTech 2021 Program Registration

8th IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability

How Emerging Technologies Are Driving Sustainability

Virtual on April 22-24, 2021

Hosted from Orange County, CA.

All dates and time in Pacific Time (UTC-7).

EARLY Attendee Registration Deadline Extended to 30-MARCH

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SusTech 2021 will bring together scientists, engineers, technologists and scholars from multiple disciplines to discuss environmental issues and collaborate on ideas to develop and utilize innovative tools and intelligent systems to address them.

The conference is a combination of academic papers and invited speakers with specialties that are making an impact in the environment sustainability. Full papers will be published in the Conference Attendee Proceedings and also submitted to IEEE Xplore®. Student Poster Competition with prizes awarded.

Program Features

  • 3 full days, Thursday April 22 – Saturday April 24
  • Thursday/Friday Technical Papers: keynotes, panels and 48 research papers in 12 sessions (see
  • Saturday: Sustainability Forum, keynotes, panels and poster awards.

Student Poster Competition

US/Asia & Europe Sessions (see

Home Automation IoT Workshop

This hands-on live online 4-hour workshop (+ 1 hour pre-check session) will help attendees explore and simulate a home automation system using the Arduino based Bytes & Bots Innovator Board, IoT, and Web Services.


IEEE Standards and Initiatives for Sustainability

“Building an Enhanced IEEE Sustainability Community – New Initiatives and Standards Activities to Accelerate and Amplify IEEE Leadership in Supporting Sustainable Development Goals” with Rudi Schubert, IEEE Standards Association


IEEE Smart Grid Standards Update
The path to a smart electric power system

This session will provide an overview of Smart Grid activities within IEEE, NIST and other industry efforts. We will include a discussion of the NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability (V4.0) and IEEE P2030 Guide for Interoperability of the Electric Power system standard project. We will also discuss other industry activities required to support the deployment of smart grid.

Keynotes & Featured Speakers

  • Mohamed-Slim Alouini, “6G: Towards a More Connected and Sustainable World”
  • Jack Brouwer, “100% Renewable And Zero Emissions Energy With Hydrogen”
  • Walter Iu, “ESG – Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance”
  • Nirupama Prakash Kumar, “New paradigm in renewable microgrids – let’s change our thinking!”
  • Maike Luiken, “New Initiatives in Advancing IEEE Sustainability Thought Leadership”
  • Vasilios I. Manousiouthakis, “Analysis and Synthesis of Sustainable Systems”
  • Benjamin Park, “Enabling What Customers Want: The Story of Enevate’s Technology”
  • Jay Schmuecker and David Toyne, “Our Tractor Fuels and Farm Fertilizer Demonstration System”
  • Stafford Sheehan, “A new chemical process for ethanol production from carbon dioxide, water, and electricity”
  • Daniel K. Tabor, “If We Build It They Will Come – The Intersection of Technological Systemization and Customer Proficiency”
  • Brian Zahnstecher, “A System of Systems (SoS) for Assessing & Optimizing Networks for Energy Efficiency”


  • Diane Gatza, Russ Lefevre and Chris Repp, “The New Norm? Water Supply Challenges and Resiliency for California”
  • Fawzi Behmann, “Future Networks & Applications Roadmap for Sustainable Cities/Societies”
  • David E. Gonzalez, “Cybersecurity for Sustainable Infrastructure”
  • Alberto Tam Yong, “Young Professionals Panel – Sustainability in Tech Companies”


Registration options (

  • Author (Full Conference) Registration includes: All conference virtual (online) sessions, proceedings.
  • Attendee Registration (special virtual rates) includes: All conference virtual (online) sessions. Proceedings download available for additional fee.
  • Workshop (Saturday 10am – 2:30pm) – Home Automation IoT Workshop (seats limited)



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