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SusTech Conference Organizing Committee Roles and Responsibilities

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Position Responsibilities
Chair Establishes overall vision, strategy, planning and execution of the conference. Works with the conference advisory board to appoint positions on the Conference Committee, including Vice-Chair, Programs Chair, and Finance Chair. Works very closely with the conference committee leadership to ensure smooth and timely execution of responsibilities and duties for the conference, ensuring an appropriate distribution of responsibilities and a clear understanding of individual responsibilities.
Vice Chair Works closely with the Chair and other committees and assists in performing key tasks and projects. Prepared to act in the Chair’s stead at short notice.
Program Chair/Committee Ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program is organized, including excellent conference content, quality and number of speakers/author presenters, and content that is appropriate to the goals of the conference and that which supports student or local involvement in the conference.
Finance Chair Ensures all financial, tax, and audit requirements are met. Requirements include establishing conference bank accounts, indirect tax, insurance and bonding, budget, expenses, financial reports, and conference closing. Also responsible for the final audit, if required.
Registration Chair Plans and runs conference registration (both advance and on site) procedures and logistics, including handling of credit card fees, cancellation policy, and creation of name badges; or, it manages a registration-management company.
Publications Chair Responsible for the coordination of production of conference content (e.g., papers from special tutorial sessions or colloquia, summaries of conference papers, programs, etc.) and serves as the point of contact for all IEEE Xplore® submission-related inquiries before and after the conference.
Local Arrangements Chair Works with local vendors, management companies, the conference, and other committees in the planning of the conference space, including room set-up, hiring of entertainment, tours, and other local logistics.
Session/Track Chairs Oversees the content of the specific technical area and its organization, including acceptance of abstracts, monitoring and assisting in the paper review process, and ensure the on-site success of the track.
Sponsors/Grants Drives external fundraising and support for the conferences and workshops.
Exhibitor Chairs Ensures proper handling of contracts, floor space, exhibitor registration, security, and other logistics; or, it manages an exhibits-management company.
Publicity Chair Ensures there is publicity that supports conference activities including attracting authors, attendees and media recognition. This includes both the production of and the distribution of calls for participation, publicity materials, photography and graphics, social media presence, and placement of conference news in distribution lists.
Keynote/Plenary Speaker Chair Identifies, establishes contacts, and invites inspiring keynote speakers, and coordinates the execution.
Technical Paper/Presentation Reviewer Provides written, fair, and constructive critique of the submitted conference papers/presentations on merits including composition, scientific accuracy, originality, and interest to the conference attendees/readers.
Website Design/Update Responsible for publishing content, website maintenance, streamlining layout, and increasing online presence.
Audio/Video During the conference, help with setup of A/V, and any recording.
Social Media Promote SusTech on social media, such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al.
General Volunteer Define your own role that is consistent with the goals of the conference, its successful execution, and your passions and skills.


Estimate of Time Commitments

Position 4-8 months in advance 1-2 months leading to conference
Chair, Vice Chair, Program Chair 10-20 hr/week 20-30 hr/week
Finance Chair Sponsors/Grants, Publicity Chair, Exhibitor Chairs, Session/Track Chairs, Local Arrangements Chair, Registration Chair, Publications Chair, Keynote/Plenary Speaker Chair 3-8 hr/week 10-20 hr/week
Technical Paper/Presentation Reviewer 0-3 hr/week; 5-8 hr/week during abstract and paper reviews 1-4 hr/week
Website Design/Update 0-3 hr/week 3-8 hr/week
Social Media, General Volunteer 0-2 hr/week 1-4 hr/week





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