Program Committee and Reviewer Application

SusTech is seeking volunteers to be reviewers of abstracts and papers. It is not required to attend the conference to be a reviewer.

Please fill out the application form. Note that we request you send in a (brief) CV or other information on your technical background and experience. Also, we request the name of a reference who can attest to your qualifications. While we ask if you are an IEEE member, that is not a requirement.

    SusTech Conference Program Committee/Reviewer Application Form

    Please note an EDAS account is required to be on the program committee / reviewer

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    Internet of Things (IoT)IoT SensorsIoT MedicalSmart GridMicrogridRenewable EnergyAlternate EnergySolarWind EnergyEnergy Modeling and SimulationElectronics ComponentsPower ElectronicsElectronics ManufacturingEnergy EfficiencyTransportation Electrification/Connected/Electric VehiclesElectric Vehicle TechnologieseWasteAgriculture & Food TechnologyEcological SustainabilityNature Conservation & ManagementOcean Waste & PollutionWater Resources ManagementSocietal ImplicationsSmart CitiesSustainable SolutionsSustainable ManagementGeneral Reviewer

    2. Please indicate whether you are interested is being considered for a role as a track chair or session chair. (check all that apply)
    I am interested in being a track chairI am interested in being a session chair

    3. Please describe why you want this position and why you are qualified for the role. Give applicable experience, similar roles, special skills you bring to the table etc. Up to 1000 characters. (required)

    4. Please provide a focused (eg brief) C/V or Resume in Word or PDF, relevant to the position, with data that reflects your qualifications, successes and strengths and focuses on the results of your efforts. (required)

    5. Endorser: Please indicate the name and contact information of a person who can speak to your strengths regarding the position.(required)

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