SusTech 2020 and COVID-19


Dear SusTech 2020 Authors & Attendees:

These are uncertain times, especially with the COVID-19 virus.  The SusTech 2020 steering committee wants to share our plans for the conference on April 23-25, and our backup plans.  The goal of this note is to assure authors that their accepted papers will be entered into IEEE Xplore. We will post updates if there are any significant developments.

First make these considerations for your travel plans:
1) Book travel on an airline that will let you change for no fee.
2) And/or consider purchasing ticket/trip insurance
3) Don’t prepay the hotel (The conference hotel, the Doubletree, has a policy that cancellations before 48 hours do not have a charge)

The plan as of this date, is to hold the conference.  For a paper to go into IEEE Xplore, an author needs to pay full registration, and present the paper. Sometimes a colleague will need to present the paper for the author or authors.  We expect that there will be a few cases of travel restrictions and visa issues.  This has happened in the past.

If travel issues become much more pronounced, we will work with the authors on a case by case basis to present voice over power point presentations, or other ways to present the paper; so the paper would be submitted into IEEE Xplore.

If travel becomes highly restricted, the steering committee will request all authors to submit a voice over powerpoint presentations.  The steering committee will look into the best options to share the files.  Including potential virtual conference. And the papers will be entered into IEEE Xplore.

SusTech 2020


SusTech 2020 Committee