SusTech 2021 Featured Presentation – Renewable Energy System by Jay Schmuecker and David Toyne


SusTech 2021 announces that Jay Schmuecker and David Toyne will deliver a presentation their  Renewable Energy System as featured in IEEE Spectrum.


Our Tractor Fuels and Farm Fertilizer Demonstration System

The time is approaching when we will be dependent on renewable energy sources.  We will address the installation on an Iowa farm the demonstration Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Ammonia generation system that is used to fuel a tractor internal combustion engine with hydrogen of hydrogen/ammonia.  These products are made in batches using solar arrays as the power source.  There are no carbon e;missions in either the generation or consumption of these products.  The ammonia is also used to fertilize corn cropland.

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Jay Schmuecker worked for more than 50 years building planetary spacecraft at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Since retiring, he has been developing a solar-powered hydrogen fueling and fertilization system at Pinehurst Farm in eastern Iowa.