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Opening Keynote: Internet of Things — Transformative Megatrends for Sustainability

Mark Goldstein, President, International Research Center

Monday, October 10, 2016; 8:00 am

Presentation Overview: The Internet of Things (IoT) will connect tens of billions of new sensors and devices driving sustainability while transforming home, business, government, industrial, medical, transportation, and other complex ecosystems.

Mark Goldstein Headshot
Speaker: Mark Goldstein is President of International Research Center and a technophile and technology visionary, activist, advisor, and entrepreneur with extensive experience and connections throughout myriad technology sectors. He has provided consulting, custom research, and strategic support for business, legal, and public policy clients across a variety of technology disciplines and arenas since 1992 following an engineering management career. He is involved with a number of policy, economic development, professional, and trade groups, and a frequent speaker and trainer.







Lunch Keynote: Navigating the challenges created by constant innovation on the used electronics industry: The need for collaboration and communication between electronics designers and e-waste recyclers and refurbishers

Karin Harris, President, eGreen-IT Solutions, LLC

Monday, October 10, 2016; 12:30 pm

Karin Harris_smSpeaker:  Karin Harris is President of eGreen-IT Solutions, LLC which was founded in 2009.

Ms. Harris after a long career in the IT and Telecom industry was concerned about how the electronics, end-of-life and data security was handled by the conventional recycling industry.  eGreen was formed to provide secure technology recycling along with providing environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic items while protecting clients from illegal disposal.

After 6 years in business eGreen is an industry leader in the computer and electronics recycling and our clients range from individuals concerned with privacy and their impact on the environment to Fortune 500 corporations and major government entities for whom security and responsible asset disposition are vital.






Dinner Keynote: The Future of the Suburban City: Lessons from Sustaining Phoenix

Grady Gammage, Jr., Gammage Burnham

Monday, October 10, 2016; 7:30 pm

Speaker:Grady Gammage Grady Gammage, Jr. is a part time academic, a practicing lawyer, an author, a sometime real estate developer and a former elected official.  Grady has been practicing law in Phoenix for 40 years.  His practice has focused on land use, zoning and real estate projects throughout Arizona.  He has represented projects ranging from master planned communities and subdivisions to high rise buildings and intense urban mixed-use redevelopment.  He thinks life is more interesting if you do lots of different things.

Mr. Gammage is the author of several books including “Phoenix in Perspective”, “The Future of the Suburban City: Lessons from Sustaining Phoenix” and numerous articles on land use and growth issues. He is also coauthor of “Watering the Sun Corridor: Managing Choices in Arizona’s Megapolitan Area” a report published by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, Arizona State University.

In his academic role, Mr. Gammage is a Senior Fellow at ASU’s Morrison Institute.  His work there focuses on urban growth and development, quality of life, and local economic issues.  He also teaches at the College of Law and at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

As a lawyer, he has represented real estate projects ranging from master planned communities to sprawling subdivisions to high rise buildings and intense urban mixed use redevelopment.

He served on the Central Arizona Project Board of Directors for 12 years, and was President during a period of turbulence when the CAP was suing the Federal Government over the cost of the canal.

As a real estate developer, he built an intense, urban mixed use project in the City of Tempe which won three architectural awards and has been widely acclaimed.



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