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SusTech 2016 Student Poster Contest Entrants

Multimodal Biometrics in Consumer Mobile Device: a Step Toward IoT Security

Jacob Biloki, Karthik Karunanithi, Yu Liu, Daniel Kim, California State University Fullerton


Infrared Thermography for Automatic Hot Spot Detection of Photovoltaic Panels

Kody Bryan, Albert C. Cruz, Saeed Jafarzadeh, California State University Bakersfield


Training Artificial Neural Networks in Virtual Environments

Nicholas Cantrell, San Diego Mesa College


The Importance of Embedded Security in the Future of Conservation

Jacob Gosling, Utah Valley University


Using Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Technology to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Transportation

Joel Harrison, Afsaneh Minaie, Utah Valley University


Empowering Solar Energy to be at the Forefront of the Energy Crisis

Ashley Iu, Walter Iu, University of Southern California


An Environmentally Friendly Method of Sensor Production using Electron Beam Lithography

Ammon Johnston, Paul Weber, Ephraim Nielsen, Reza Kamali, Utah Valley University


Addressing global water scarcity with a novel hydrogel based desalination technique using saponified starch-g-polyacrylamide’s hydrophilic properties to harvest fresh water

Chaitanya Karamchedu, Jesuit High School/Portland State U


Design and Topology Optimisation of 3-D Printed landing gear for Unmanned aerial vehicle applications

Madhavaram Sai Krishna, Kishore.M.N, Suresh Nagesh, PES University (India)


Performance Analysis of Continuously Varying Transmission System for Electric Vehicles

Madhavaram Sai Krishna, Kishore.M.N, Suresh Nagesh, PES University (India)


Use of Sustainable Auto-Catalytic Metallization in the Fabrication of Planer Inductors

Ephraim Nielson, Reza Kamali, Paul Weber, Ammon Johnston. Utah Valley University


Critical Load Serving Capability by Optimizing Microgrid Operation

Pavan Kumar Penkey, University of Idaho


Reducing Vehicle Idle Time Emissions at Intersections

Doug Yates, Afsaneh Minaie, Utah Valley University


SenSIP Research Facility for Solar Panel Fault Detection and Analytics

Sunil Rao, David Ramirez, Henry Braun, Jongmin Lee, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu, Elias Kyriakides+, Devarajan Srinivasan*, Shinji Koizumi, Yoshitaka Morimoto and Andreas Spanias; Affiliations: School of ECEE, SenSIP Center and Industry Consortium, Arizona State University (ASU), +KIOS Center, University of Cyprus, *Poundra, Tempe, USA, Energy Wireless Inc., Japan;




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