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SusTech Day 1 – April 19

12:00-05:00 pm


01:00-04:00 pm

Workshop (Multnomah)
Planet Positive 2030: Imagine the Future We can Build Together

04:00-07:30 pm

Student Poster Contest (hybrid) (Elowah)

06:00-07:30 pm

Welcome Reception (Wakeena)


SusTech Day 2 – April 20
Multnomah Elowah Wakeena
7:50 am Opening Remarks and Keynote 1:
K John Holmes, National Academies of Sciences, “Technology, Policy, and Societal Dimensions of Decarbonization: Where We Are Now, Where Did We Come From, and Where Are We Headed”
Short Break
9:00 am Agriculture Tech Societal Implications I Smart and Micro Grids
Short Break
10:30 am Panel 1 – “Electricity Transmission Future (OR DOE)
Noon Lunch Break (Willamette)
1:00 pm Keynote 2:
Ian Beil, PGE, “Electric Island”
Short Break
2:00 pm OPEN Sustainable Electronics Energy Efficiency: Bldgs
Short Break
3:30 pm Panel 2 – “Sustainable Ocean Energy Technology and Policy(IEEE OES)
Short Break
5:00 pm OPEN Sustainable Electronics Energy Efficiency: Grid
Short Break
6:00 pm Day Wrap Up
6:00-7:30 pm YP Reception and Talk “Climate Change and Sustainability


SusTech Day 3 – April 21
Multnomah Elowah Wakeena
8:00 am Opening Remarks and Keynote 3:
Jen M. Huffstetler, Intel, “Engineers + AI: The New Environmental Stewards”
Short Break
9:00 am ML Intel Trans/Soc Impl II Software Renewable/Alt Energy I
Short Break
10:30 am Panel 3 – “Maintaining Energy Resilience (OR DOE)
Noon Lunch Break (Willamette)
1:00 pm Keynote 4:
John Borland, J.O.B Technologies, “Energy Equity or Energy Divide”
Short Break
2:00 pm ML for Sust Technology I Intelligent Transportation Renewable/Alt Energy II
Short Break
3:30 pm Keynote 5:
Jeff Allen, FORTH, “Everything that moves is going electric”
Short Break
4:30 pm ML for Sust Technology II IOT OPEN
Short Break
6:00 pm
Day Wrap Up
6:30-9:00 pm Reception/Dinner (Willamette)


SusTech Day 4 – April 22
Sustainability Forum (Multnomah)
8:00 am Opening Remarks and Keynote 1:
Eric Olson, NEEA, “Where We Thought We Would Be and Where We Think We’re Going
Short Break
9:00 am Keynote 2:
Dan Donahoe, “Electronics materials and components enabling sustainability”
Short Break
10:00 am Panel: “Implementing a Sustainable Future for Aviation: An Ecosystem Approach (AIAA)
Short Break
11:45 am Special Session:
Russell Harrison, “IEEE-USA’s policy efforts to support sustainable technology”
12:15 pm Lunch Break (Willamette)
1:15 pm Keynote 3:
Mahima Gupta, PSU “Distributed Power Generation and Storage for a Renewable Energy Dominant Future
Short Break
2:15 pm Keynote 4:
Chris Mi, San Diego State University, “Second-Life EV Batteries for Renewable and Smart Grid Storage Applications
Short Break
3:15 pm Keynote 5:
John C Havens, IEEE-SA, “From Boundaries to Beauty – The Human Side of Sustainability”
Short Break
4:15 pm Student Poster Awards
4:30 pm Closing Remarks & SusTech 2024
4:45 pm End


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