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Reliability Models of Photovoltaic System Topologies for System Adequacy Evaluation Ahmad Alferidi and Rajesh Karki, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada


A Microgrid Boot Camp for Rapid Workforce Development Alexander Mobley, Shammya Saha, Samantha Janko, Brent Kolste and Nathan Johnson, Arizona State University (USA)


A Smart City Solution For Pollution Monitoring In Heavy Traffic Streets Andrea Willa Rodrigues Villarim and Cleonilson Protasio de Souza Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil; Orlando Baiocchi, University of Washington Tacoma, USA


Developing an Eco-Cooperative Real-time Taxi Allocation System Chao Wang, Peng Hao, Guoyuan Wu, and Matthew Barth, University of California at Riverside (USA)


Long-term peak electricity demand forecasts under climate change to inform urban infrastructure efficiency planning and delivery system reliability planning throughout Los Angeles County Daniel Burillo and Mikhail Chester, Arizona State University (USA)


Urine the cloud: Real-time sensing of nonwater urinal for urine diversion systems and water conservation Daniella Saetta and Arsh Padda, Arizona State University (USA)


What is the right investment in renewable energy for on-site generation? A portfolio optimization approach Karl Kintner-Meyer, University of Washington, Seattle (USA)


Using a Sensor Network to Create a 3D Model of Indoor Environmental Conditions Over Time to Research and Address Sick Building Syndrome Morgan Blackmore University of Washington Tacoma (USA); Cleonilson Protasio de Souza Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil; Orlando Baiocchi University of Washington Tacoma (USA)


On Modeling the Dependency of Renewable Infeed  and Demand Response Capacity Raksha Ramakrishna, K´ari Hreinsson and Anna Scaglione, Arizona State University (USA)


Providing More Sustainable Semi Actuated Intersections through the Development of an Eco-driving application for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Saleh R. Mousa Louisiana State University (USA); Ragab Mousa; Sherif Ishak University of Alabama in Huntsville (USA)


A Deep-Reinforcement Learning Eco-driving application for Providing Sustainable Signalized Intersections: Prioritized Experience Replay, Target Network, and Double Learning Techniques Saleh R. Mousa Louisiana State University (USA); Ragab Mousa; Sherif Ishak University of Alabama in Huntsville (USA)


Containerized Microgrid Solutions with Decentralized Controls for Rapid Response Situations Samantha Janko and Nathan Johnson, Arizona State University (USA)


Converting Kinetic Energy into Electricity- Increasing Energy Sufficiency in Las Vegas Casinos Using Load Cell Panels Casey Brokaw, Silver Mendoza-Matute, Sean Troop, and Edison Smith, University of Nevada Las Vegas (USA)


Analysis of a more sustainable project alternative for the social housing program “Minha casa Minha vida” in Cuiabá-MT Simone Ramires, University of Rio Grande do Sul; Isabella Falcão da Silva Campos and Laís Borges Rizental Federal University of Mato Grosso (Brazil)


Ciclo Camp Project: bicycles loan as an alternative method of internal mobility for the Campus do Vale on UFRGS R.C.A. Trizotto, G.A. Cândido, A.C.M. Menezes, B.B. Baptista and Simone Ramires, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)


NanoGrid – A Path to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Taylor Mau, Randy Louie, Francis Estacio, and Mike Lau, Santa Clara University, California (USA)


Eliminating Irregular Hysteresis Behavior in Perovskite Solar Cells Omkar Bhandakkar, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (USA)




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