SusTech 2016 Makers & Sustainability Workshop

Date/Time: Sunday, October 9, noon-4:00pm


The workshop is available to both SusTech attendees and local audience. See the Registration page for details.


Teresa Gomez
Toinette Perez Trevino
Alan Tu


Receive hands on experience with the Arduino 101, sensors, and Bluetooth LE. In this four hour workshop, you will learn the basics of using maker platforms and tools to create proof of concept solutions to sustainability problems.

The first half of the course will cover the basics of the popular Arduino environment and its use for simplified embedded programming. We will then incorporate an air quality sensor and explore the integrated features of the Arduino 101 microcontroller, including data collection, on-board computation, and connectivity.

Materials (Arduino, cables, sensors; approx. cost $50) are included with the course fee and kept by participants.

Course outline:

12:00-2:00pm setting up the environment, basics of Arduino and programming it

2:00-3:30pm integrating sensors, reading data

3:30-4:00pm wrap up



Teresa Gomez

Manufacturing systems engineer at Intel Corporation since 2015, previously worked in the defense industry. Graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Teresa helps coordinate the Intel maker community in Arizona and seeks to incorporate smart sensing into factory operations, including using maker technologies for rapid prototyping.

Toinette Perez Trevino

Mechanical and electrical engineer working at Intel Corporation since 2008. Graduated from Universidad Anahuac, Mexico city with a bachelors in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. In 2000, she graduated from ASU with a Master of Science in Engineering. Toinette is a maker that likes to experiment with maker boards by creating end to end solutions for fun or interesting problems. Her most recent project is the smart dress which reads tweets from a trending topic and displays them on the actual dress. The dress is fun for attending events and attract girls to STEM.

Alan Tu

Storage performance engineer working at Intel Corporation since 2012. Graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelors in Computer Science. A maker enthusiast who has used making and development platforms to gain a better understanding of the electrical side of computing and embedded programming. He also enjoys making and tinkering with projects for personal and home use as well as for teaching other how they too can create with these platforms.





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