SusTech 2014 was held July 24-26 in Portland, Oregon.

Contributed papers and invited papers were solicited in the following six areas:

  • Alternative Energy (e.g. solar, wind, tidal, fuel cells, energy harvesting, nuclear)
  • Energy Efficiency (e.g. sensors and measurement, energy saving controls, auto electronics & fuel economy, data centers, power saving, Smart Environment)
  • Transportation Electrification (e.g. electric vehicles, aviation, motors, drive controls, batteries, sensors, environmental & power distribution impacts)
  • Smart Grid (e.g. communications, control, power electronics, industrial and home applications, energy storage, demand control and response)
  • Sustainable Electronics (e.g. sustainable manufacturing, components, global materials supply, hardware life-cycle, nanotechnology & health/environment, reuse and repair of consumer electronics, materials harvesting from electronic waste, Open repair manuals and on-line repair and electronics sustainability resources, best practices)
  • Societal Implications / Quality of Life (e.g. EM spectrum allocation, global warming, autonomous vehicles, health & medical electronics, global education & human resources, risk management, remediation, purification, public policy)

Program  Information

See the Call for Papers for information on the program.
See the Authors page for instructions and requirements for submissions.

We have opportunities for exhibitors and patrons to underwrite various aspects of the program. See the Patrons & Exhibits page for a description and contact information.

What People Said About SusTech 2013

I had such a great experience at SusTech 2013 in August this year.  Everyone was so kind and helpful in getting my paper submitted and formatted properly.  Everything associated with the conference was flawless to me including the registration process, hotel accommodations and travel info to/from the airport.  Great job to all involved.  –  Julanne McCulley

I think SusTech 2013 was a success in both planning and quality of presentations. I also think the keynote speakers were well chosen and their talks were in line with the conference goals. Thank you, and I am looking forward to SusTech 2014! – Salman Kahrobaee

The venue was in a perfect location.  It was great to be able to take public transportation easily from the airport to the hotel door.  I wish all conferences could be this easy to get to.  The hotel is in a convenient location next to the mall.

It was organized and well done. Thanks to all your volunteers, you can be proud of this huge success!

I really liked, that a lot of the participants are from TSO and Industrie and not only academic speakers, it was a nice mix and result also in useful discussions and feedback and not only the increasing the height of the ivory towers.

Great conference and very good selection of presentations. I found it very hard to attend all the ones I wanted to because of overlapping times.



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