Technical Program Committee-2013


SUSTECH Conference Program Committee Members

Position Name Organization Email
  Technical Program Chair  Jim Morris  Portland State University
 Energy Efficiency Track  Daniel N. Donahoe, PE Chair  1000 kilometers®
   Michael O’Keefe, co-Chair  Big Ladder Software
 Electric Vehicles Track  Dan Hammerstrom, Chair  Portland State University
   Lee Stogner, co-Chair  Vincula Group
 Smart Grid Track  Bob Bass, Chair  Portland State University
   Annabelle Pratt, co-Chair  Intel Labs
 Alternative Energy Track  Mohamed Osman, Chair  Washington State University – Tri-Cities
   Quentin Ming, co-Chair  InnovaTek, Inc.
 Electronic Materials Track  Chuck Bauer, Chair  Tech Lead Corp.
   Ning-Cheng Lee, co-Chair  Indium
 Quality of Life Track  Guruprasad Madhavan, Chair  National Academy of Sciences
   Jim Morris, co-Chair    

Please contact the committee members if you are interested in participating in one of the program areas.

We are soliciting contributed papers and we will also be seeking invited papers on application and policy issues.




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