Student Poster Contestants 2022

SusTech 2022 Student Poster Competition Contestants

Thursday April 21, 2022 6:00 – 9:00 PM PDT

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April 21

Author/Submitter University Location Abstract Poster
6:00 pm Bailie Tervort Utah Valley University Orem, Utah, USA Maximum Efficiency Solar Tracking Using Image Processing PDF
6:15 pm Blake Chamberlain Utah Valley University Orem, Utah, USA Wireless Sensor Networks for Early Wildfire Detection PDF
6:30 pm Colby Eyre Utah Valley University Orem, Utah, USA Mobile Security System PDF
6:45 pm Steben Babu CHRIST University Bangalore, India Electric Vehicle Aggregator for Range Anxiety Management PDF
7:00 pm Katlyn Chiu University of California Irvine Irvine, CA USA Image Based Recycling Recognition Device To Increase Household Sustainability Efforts PDF
7:15 pm Sean Resor California State University-San Marcos San Marcos, CA USA Feasibility Assessment of an Ocean Wave Energy Converter: The Plug-and-Play 3D Prototype Development PDF
7:30 pm Akintonde Abbas University of North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina USA Reducing Carbon Emission in Multi-Building Commercial Facilities – A Co-optimization Approach PDF
7:45 pm Nathan XU Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong Special Administrative Region/China Smart Tracking Tray System for A Smart and Sustainable Wet Lab Community PDF
8:00 pm Frederick Mitri California State Polytechnic University at Pomona Pomona, CA USA Sustainable Eco-Friendly Compost Waste Heat Powerplant Design and Analysis PDF
8:15 pm Bryce Jensen Sonoma State University Sonoma, CA USA Sustainable Space Exploration PDF
8:30 pm Gabriel Nicholson Sonoma State University Sonoma, CA USA Automatic Unmanned Surface Vehicle-Based Water Quality Monitoring System PDF


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