SusTech 2017 Sessions Program

Contributed Papers / Invited Speakers

Index: Papers: Monday AM / Monday PM / Tuesday // Invited: Monday / Tuesday


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Monday, November 13, 10:20 – 12:00

M1-ECO: Ecological Sustainability and Conservation I

Session 1
Room: Sagauro I

Chair: Julanne McCulley (Weber State University, USA)

10:20 Use of Time-varying Carbon Intensity Estimation to Evaluate GHG Emission Reduction Opportunities in Electricity Sector
Imran Khan, Michael W. Jack and Janet Stephenson (University of Otago, New Zealand)

10:40 A Study of the Monthly Insolation in Libya
Abdulmunim Guwaeder and Rama Ramakumar (Oklahoma State University, USA)

11:00 Assessment of the Technical Effectiveness of SIRES in a Rural Setting
Zeel Maheshwari and Rama Ramakumar (Oklahoma State University, USA)

11:20 A Novel Integration of Hyper-spectral Imaging and Neural Networks to Process Waste Electrical and Electronic Plastics
Alimohammad Tehrani and Hamid Karbasi (Conestoga College, Canada)

11:40 Sustainable Development Through Climate Change Mitigation and Biomass Agriculture: India’s Perspective
Adil Usman (Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, India)


M2-EFF: Energy Efficiency I
Session 2
Room: Palo Verde

Chairs: Debbie Horn (IBM, USA), Youngil Kim (Ajou University, Korea & The George Washington University, USA)

10:20 Valuation Diagramming and Accounting of Transactive Energy Systems
Atefe Makhmalbaf (University of Texas – Arlington, USA); Donald Hammerstrom (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA); Qiuhua Huang (PNNL, USA); Yingying Tang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)

10:40 Progression of Product Energy Efficiency Requirements in the European Union
Debbie Horn (IBM, USA)

11:00 Occupant Engagement Leads to Substantial Energy Savings for Plug Loads
Moira Hafer and Wes Howley (Stanford University, USA); Mindy Chang, Kristin Ho, Jennifer Tsau and Hedi Razavi (Keewi Inc., USA)

11:20 Reliability Analysis of Power System Using a Frequency Domain Analytical Method
Salman Kahrobaee (SCE, USA); Bamdad Falahati (SEL, USA); Sohrab Asgarpoor (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA); Ali Halimi (ETAP, USA)

11:40 Power Management Strategy for Residential Housing Connected to the Rooftop Solar PV
Youngil Kim (Ajou University, Korea); Junda Zhao (The George Washington University, USA); Sungjin Kim (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), Korea); Robert Harrington (The George Washington University, USA)


M3-RNW: Renewable / Alternate Energy I
Session 3
Room: Mesquite

Chair: Maxx Patterson (IEEE Sus Tech, Arizona State University, USA)

10:20 Increasing Economic Viability and Safety Through Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbines
Daniel Schwahlen (University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West, Germany); Jens Fey and Christoph Nieß (Hochschule Ruhr West, Germany); Martin Reimann and Uwe Handmann (University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West, Germany)

10:40 Assessing Social Sustainability for Biofuel Supply Chains: The Case of Jet Biofuel in Brazil
Zhizhen Wang (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands)

11:00 Sustainable Maximum Power Extraction from Urban Solid Waste Incineration
Matias Munoz (UFPR, Brazil); Jose Vargas (Federal University of Parana, Brazil); Wellington Balmant (UFPR, Brazil); Alejandro Arena (UTN-FRM, Argentina); Juan Ordonez (Florida State University, USA); Andre Mariano (Federal University of Parana, Brazil)

11:20 The Emissions Impacts of Varied Energy Storage Operational Objectives Across Regions
Emily L Barrett, Brandon Thayer, Karen Studarus and Seemita Pal (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)

11:40 Investigating Time-Varying Drivers of Grid Project Emissions Impacts
Emily L Barrett, Brandon Thayer, Seemita Pal and Karen Studarus (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)


M4-SG: Smart Grid I
Session 4
Room: Amphitheater

Chairs: Bishnu P. Bhattarai (Idaho National Laboratory, USA), Jake P. Gentle (Idaho National Laboratory & DOE, USA)

10:20 Estimating the Impacts of Direct Load Control Programs Using GridPIQ, a Web-Based Screening Tool
Seemita Pal, Brandon Thayer, Emily L Barrett and Karen Studarus (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)

10:40 Hierarchical Droop Controlled Frequency Optimization and Energy Management of a Grid-Connected Microgrid
Poria Fajri, Sima Aznavi and Mohammed Ben-Idris (University of Nevada, Reno, USA); Bamdad Falahati (SEL, USA)

11:00 Development of Smart Microgrid Research and Educational Testbed
Kourosh Sedghisigarchi and Cris Sicat (California State University, Northridge (CSUN), USA)

11:20 A Highly Efficient Non-Isolated DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter with a Cascode GaN-FET and SiC-Schottky Diode
Salah S. Alharbi, Saleh S. Alharbi, Ali M. S. Al-bayati and Mohammad Matin (University of Denver, USA)


Monday, November 13, 15:30 – 17:10

M5-ECO: Ecological Sustainability and Conservation II
Session 5
Room: Sagauro I

Chair: Julanne McCulley (Weber State University, USA)

3:30 Support of Distributed Ecological Experiments via Closed-Loop Environmental Control
Jonathan Knapp (Northern Arizona University & Real-Time Intelligent Systems Lab, USA); Michael Middleton, Paul G. Flikkema, Paul Heinrich and Amy Whipple (Northern Arizona University, USA)

3:50 Remote Structural Health Monitoring of Existing Concrete Bridges with AASHTO Type IV Girder Using SmartBridge Sensor Nodes
Francis Aldrine Uy and Jan Aldrich R Gaviña (Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines); John Paul Carreon (Mapua University, Philippines)

4:10 Data Calibration of the Actual Versus the Theoretical Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Based Accelerometer Reading Through Remote Monitoring of Padre Jacinto Zamora Flyover
John Mark Payawal and Francis Aldrine Uy (Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines); John Paul Carreon (Mapua University, Philippines)

4:30 Strike-Alert: Towards Real-time, High Resolution Navigational Software for Whale Avoidance
Benedicte Madon (Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France); René Garello (IMT Atlantique & CNRS LabSTICC, France); Romain David (IMBE, France); Linwood Pendleton (UBO, France); Ronan Fablet (IMT Atlantique, France)

4:50 Sustainability Models for 3D Printed Woodwinds
Charles Jackson (Northrop Grumman, USA)


M6-EFF: Energy Efficiency II
Session 6
Room: Palo Verde

Chair: Youngil Kim (Ajou University, Korea & The George Washington University, USA)

3:30 A PID Inspired Feature Extraction Method for HVAC Terminal Units
Maitreyee Dey (London South Bank University); Manik Gupta, Soumya Prakash Rana, Mikdam Turkey and Sandra Dudley (London South Bank University, United Kingdom (Great Britain))

3:50 The Occupant Comfort Challenge of Building Energy Savings Through HVAC Control
Alexander Brissette (ABB Inc., USA); Joseph Carr (ABB, USA); Philip Juneau (ABB Inc., USA)

4:10 Simulation of Retrofitting of Ligthing System of an Academic Building for Energy Savings
Daniel Fernando Espejel-Blanco, Jose Hoyo-Montano, Jesús Tarín-Fontes, Hilario Mayboca-Araujo, Diego Schurch-Sanchez and Diana González-Guerrero (Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo, Mexico)

4:30 Applying Innovations in Circulator Pump Technology for Commercial Building Applications
Baskar Vairamohan and Marek Samotyj (EPRI, USA); Nick Pournaras (Southern Company Services, Inc., USA); Brian Harrison (Southern Company, USA)


M7-RNW: Renewable / Alternate Energy II
Session 7
Room: Mesquite

Chair: Maxx Patterson (IEEE Sus Tech, Arizona State University, USA)

3:30 Adequacy Considerations in Concentrated Solar Thermal Integrated Electric Power System
Ahmad Alferidi and Rajesh Karki (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

3:50 Load-match-driven Design Improvement of Solar PV Systems and Its Impact on the Grid with a Case Study
Hadia Awad and Mustafa Gul (University of Alberta, Canada); Haitao Yu (Landmark Group of Companies, Canada)

4:10 Cost Analysis of an Improved Z-Source-Based Power Processing System for Photo-Voltaic Applications
Arash Torkan (Megger Company, USA); Mehrdad Ehsani (Texas A&M University, USA)

4:30 Solar Playgrounds: A Design Feasibility Study
Jordan Ellsworth, Ivyann Oveson and John Salmon (Brigham Young University, USA)

4:50 Using Earth’s Magnetic Field as a Power Source
Dennis McCrady (Dynaspot, USA)


M8-SG: Smart Grid II
Session 8
Room: Amphitheater

Chairs: Bishnu P. Bhattarai (Idaho National Laboratory, USA), Jake P. Gentle (Idaho National Laboratory & DOE, USA)

3:30 A Novel Distributed Approach Based Reactive Power Support in Microgrids
Bharat Chetry (University of Porto & Tribhuwan University, Portugal); Adriano Carvalho (University of Porto, Portugal); Rui Brito (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal)

3:50 Performance Evaluation of a DC-DC Boost Converter with Wide Bandgap Power Devices
Saleh S. Alharbi, Ali M. S. Al-bayati, Salah S. Alharbi and Mohammad Matin (University of Denver, USA)

4:10 3D Model of Dispatchable Renewable Energy for Smart Microgrid Power System
Fred Chiou and Richard Fry (Weber State University, USA); Jake P. Gentle (Idaho National Laboratory & DOE, USA); Timothy McJunkin (Idaho National Laboratory, USA)


Tuesday, November 14, 10:30 – 12:10

T1-IOT: Internet of Things – IOT for sustainability
Session 9
Room: Amphitheater

Chair: Jason K. Hui (BAE Systems, USA)

10:30 Wireless Power Transfer Integrated Board for Low Power IoT Applications
Colin Pardue, Anto Davis and Mohamed Bellaredj (Georgia Tech, USA); Madhavan Swaminathan (, USA)

10:50 Evaluating the Differences Between Direct and Indirect Interdependencies and Their Impact on Reliability in Cyber-Power Networks
Bamdad Falahati (SEL, USA); Salman Kahrobaee (SCE, USA); Omid Ziaee (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA); Pedram Gharghabi (Mississippi State University, USA)

11:10 Cloud-based Smart Device for Environment Monitoring
Biao Jiang (The City University of New York, USA); Christian Huacón (CUNY Hostos Community College, USA)


T2-IV: Intelligent Transportation Systems
Session 10
Room: Palo Verde

Chair: Charles Jackson (Northrop Grumman, USA)

10:30 Examining the Impact of PHEVs on GHG Emissions Based on Various Objectives
Bamdad Falahati (SEL, USA); Masood Shahverdi (California State University, USA); Saeed Mohajeryami (University of North Carolina, USA); Poria Fajri (University of Nevada, Reno, USA)

10:50 Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Traffic Congestion Based on Sparse Mobile Crowd-sourced Data
Peng Hao (Center for Environmental Research & Technology, University of California, Riverside, USA); Chao Wang (University of California, Riverside & CE-CERT, USA); Guoyuan Wu, Kanok Boriboonsomsin and Matthew J Barth (University of California, Riverside, USA)

11:10 Design and Implementation of a Bootloader in the Context of Intelligent Vehicle Systems
Daniel Bogdan (Continental Automotive Romania, Romania); Razvan Bogdan (Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania); Mircea Popa (“Politehnica” University from Timisoara, Romania)

11:30 MPC-Based Power Management Strategy to Reduce Power Loss in Energy Storage System of a HEV
Morgan Cook and Justin Bower (California State University Los Angeles, USA); Masood Shahverdi (California State University, USA); Bamdad Falahati (SEL, USA); David Blekhman (California State University Los Angeles, USA)

11:50 Automation of Ultra-Light Vehicles
Tyler Folsom (University of Washington, USA); Rob Cotter (Organic Transit, USA)


T3-WRM: Water Resource Management
Session 11
Room: Hohokam

Chair: René Garello (IMT Atlantique & CNRS LabSTICC, France)

10:30 Development of a Laser-Based Water Level Sensor for Fine-Scale Ecohydrological Measurements
Joshua Benjamin (University of Florida & University of South Florida, USA); David Kaplan (University of Florida, USA)

10:50 A Spatially Explicit Assessment of Water Use by the Global Semiconductor Industry
Kali Frost and Inez Hua (Purdue University, USA)

11:10 Automated Real-time Monitoring System (ARMS) of Hydrological Parameters for Ambuklao, Binga and San Roque Dams Cascade in Luzon Island, Philippines
Cris Edward Monjardin (Mapua University, Philippines); Francis Aldrine Uy and Fibor Tan (Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines); Febus Reidj G. Cruz (Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines & Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan)


T4-SOC: Societal Implications / Quality of Life
Session 12
Room: Mesquite

Chair: James J Stewart (University of Maryland University College, USA)

10:30 Assessing Government’s Solutions for Urban Growth Within a Sustainable Development Approach, the Case of Portland, Oregon
Oussama Laraichi and Tugrul Daim (Portland State University, USA)

10:50 The TripleRM Global Health Management Model (GHMM): Risk Management of Vector Borne Infectious Diseases to Build Sustainable, Adaptable and Resilient Communities
Suraj Sheth (Magnova Global, USA)

11:10 A System Dynamics Model of the Auto Industry: Case Study on Sustainability of Iran’s Car Market
Babak Barazandeh (Virginia Tech, USA); Mohammadhussein Rafieisakhaei (Texas A&M University, USA)

11:30 A Data Analytics Based Approach for Modeling the Effects of a Carbon Market on the Sustainable Control of CO2 Emissions in Latin America
Babak Barazandeh (Virginia Tech, USA); Mohammadhussein Rafieisakhaei (Texas A&M University, USA)

11:50 Interoperable Toolchains in Cyber-physical Systems with a Sustainability Perspective
Didem Gürdür and Katja Gradin (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)


Invited Speakers

Monday November 13

Monday, November 13, 13:30 – 15:00

I1: Solar Technology Invited
Invited 1
Room: Sagauro I

Chair: Maxx Patterson (IEEE Sus Tech, Arizona State University, USA)

13:30 The Terawatt Challenge for Photovoltaics
Steve Goodnick, Arizona State University

14:00 Utility-Scale Photovoltaics: Increasing Capacity Growth, Grid Penetration, and Grid Stability Challenges
Ken Ekstrom, Burns & McDonnell

14:30 Solar Nights: The Economics of Large Utility Scale Hybrid Solar Storage Systems
Paul Siblerud, ViZn Energy Systems


I2: Renewable / Alternate Energy Invited
Invited 2
Room: Mesquite

Chair: Julanne McCulley (Weber State University, USA)

13:30 On-Site Biomass Co-Gen Case Study: Unleashing Power to Create Value for the Wood Products Industry
Dave Durocher, Eaton Corp.

14:00 Sustainable Economic Development to Overcome Local Pollution and Global Climate Change Damages
Roy McAlister, P.E., McAlister Technologies, LLC

14:30 TBA


I3: Transportation Invited
Invited 3
Room: Palo Verde

Chair: Babak Barazandeh (Virginia Tech, USA)

13:30 Wireless Power – Improving Lives and Our Environment
Steven Tateosian, NXP Semiconductors

14:00 Autonomous Vehicles for a Sustainable World
Sergio Pacheco, NXP Semiconductors

14:30 “Cloud-based Charging Management of Electric Vehicles and Democratizing Energy Trading in the Era of Blockchain
Bhaskar Prasad Rimal, University of New Mexico


I4: Smart Grid Invited
Invited 4
Room: Amphitheater

Chairs: Bishnu P. Bhattarai (Idaho National Laboratory, USA), Jake P. Gentle (Idaho National Laboratory & DOE, USA)

13:30 “Draft IEEE Standard for DC Microgrids
Joe Decuir, IEEE Seattle Section, USA

14:00 “Grid Project Impacts Quantification (GridPIQ) Tool
Emily Barrett & Brandon Thayer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory [60 minutes]


Tuesday, November 14

Tuesday, November 14, 09:15 – 10:15

I5: Water Resource Management Invited
Invited 5
Room: Hohokam

Chair: René Garello (IMT Atlantique & CNRS LabSTICC, France)

9:15 “Global Future of Water
Mark Goldstein, President, International Research Center

9:45 Ocean Sustainability and Resources”
René Garello, Professor, IMT Atlantique


I6: Microgrid Invited
Invited 6
Room: Palo Verde

Chairs: Bishnu P. Bhattarai (Idaho National Laboratory, USA), Jake P. Gentle (Idaho National Laboratory & DOE, USA)

9:15 “Powering Innovation in Global Development
Nathan Johnson, Assistant Professor and Director of the Laboratory for Energy and Power Solutions (LEAPS), Arizona State University [60 minutes]


I7: Societal Implications Invited
Invited 7
Room: Mesquite

Chair: James J Stewart (University of Maryland University College, USA)

9:15 “Social Implications of Technology – Creating Sustainable Interventions in Resource Constrained Environments”
Paul Cunningham, 2017-2018 President, IEEE SSIT

9:45 “Sustain & Gain: Growing a business that multiplies your impact!
Chris Ko, ER2 – Electronic Responsible Recyclers


I8: Green Business Invited
Invited 8
Room: Amphitheater

Chair: Mike Andrews

9:15 “Green Incentives & Green Company Positioning for Funding and Growth
Kathy Parker, Rodman CPAs [60 minutes]

A comprehensive overview for renewable energy and cleantech companies to address the following questions:
• What does this mean to me?
• What are the extenders?
• How should we utilize the tax credits?
• How can we attract investors, and what investment structures are investors looking for?
• What should we look for when modeling a project?



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