These papers are being presented in the Posters Session and Reception.

P1: Poster Session

Room: Multnomah
Chair: James Morris (Portland State University, USA)

  1. Wind Power Ramping in BPA Area

    James Mullen (Washington State University – Tri-Cities, USA); Mohamed Osman (Washington State University-Tri-Cities, USA)

  2. WSN Based Tracking for a Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy System

    Joshua D Freeman (Amrita University, India); Jibin Varghese (Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham, India); Divya Pullarkatt (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India)

  3. Battery Recharging and Testing Swap Stations

    Russell Ellis (Portland State University, USA); Caitlin Fackrell (Portland State University, USA); Thatcher Gordon (Portland State University, USA); Phil Lamb (Portland State University, USA); James Morris (Portland State University, USA); Charlie Kawasaki (BETTERY, Inc., USA)

  4. Communication(s) and Technology in Spectrum Implementation with Body Earth

    John Vinson (Bonneville Power Administration Retired, USA)

  5. Investigating the Effects of 802.11n Interference on Home Area Networks

    Daniel Ihlenfeldt (Southern California Edison, USA); Clint Powell (SCE, USA); Afshin Amini (SCE, USA)

  6. Integrating heterogeneous distributed energy resources to manage intermittent power at low cost

    Shahin Abdollahy (University of New MExico, USA); Olga Lavrova (University of New Mexico, USA); Nicholas Heine (University of New Mexico, USA); Svetlana V. Poroseva (University of New Mexioc, USA); Andrea Mammoli (the University of New Mexico, USA)

  7. Supercapacitor Energy Storage Systems for Voltage and Power Flow Stabilization

    Arne Bostrom (OSU, USA); Annette von Jouanne (Oregon State University & School of EECS, USA); Ted Brekken (OSU, USA); Alex Yokochi (OSU, USA)

  8. Low-cost solar micro-forecasts for PV smoothing

    Andrea Mammoli (University of New Mexico, USA); Anthony Menicucci (University of New Mexico, USA); Thomas Caudell (University of New Mexico, USA); Abraham Ellis (Sandia National Laboratories, USA); Steve Willard (Public Service Company of New Mexico, USA); John Simmins (Electric Power Research Institute, USA)

  9. Low-Cost Cloud-Based Design of Smart Rural Energy Device in Microgrid: Perspective India (An Energy-On-Demand Service for Rural India)

    Mukundhan Srinivasan (Alpha College of Engineering & Anna University, India); Vineeth Vijayaraghavan (Panchabuta, India); Sabarigirish Vijayakumar (TCS Pvt Ltd, India); Ramesh Rajesh (The Solarillion Foundation, India)

  10. Variable Energy Resource Induced Power System Imbalances: A Generalized Assessment Approach

    Aramazd Muzhikyan (Masdar Institute, UAE); Amro Farid (Masdar Institute, UAE); Kamal Youcef-Toumi (MIT, USA)

  11. X-View: The Reichmuth Framework II

    Terry Egnor (Energy Resource Management & Energy Resource Management, USA); Howard Reichmuth (Energy Resource Management, USA)

  12. Study on the Effect of Solar Irradiance Intermittency Mitigation on Electric Vehicle Battery Lifetime

    Alexander Brissette (University of Colorado, USA); Anderson Hoke (University of Colorado Boulder, USA); Joshua Traube (University of Colorado, USA); Fenglong Lu (University of Colorado, USA); Dragan Maksimovic (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

  13. Current Total Harmonic Distortion Calculation of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Traction Motors for HEV/BEV Applications

    Leon Jin (Oregon State University, USA)



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