Student Poster Contestants 2015


Student Name Title Institution
Samuel Westlake Transmission Line Cost Optimization (Dynamic Line Rating Analytics of Historical Weather Data vs. Virtual Computational Fluid Dynamics Models) Durham University (INL)
Spencer Denton Warren Parsons (HM) General Line Ampacity Solver (GLASS) – Software Architecture Design (Modern, Object-oriented IEEE Std 738 Thermal Ampacity Solver with CFD-based Virtual Weather Station Engine) Idaho State University (INL)
John Garrett
Brad Richy (3rd)
Final MEPP II Weber State University
Cody Randall
Wes Hortin (HM)
Electric Motorcycle Powered by Solar Energy Weber State University
Jared Elder
Khalid Alatawi
Rashed Almarshad
Photovoltaic System for Solar Powered Charging Station Weber State University
Felix Desrena
Derek Lowe
Hot Tub Ownership The True Energy & Environmental Costs University of Utah
Joseph Melville (2nd) Design of Bench Scale Model for Pressure Retarded Osmosis University of Utah
Shuqi Hu Transforming solar PV charger for mobile devices Weber State University
Ephraim Nielson (1st) Resource Optimization in Circuit Board Fabrication: Using Advanced Techniques in Directed Metallization Utah Valley University
Alex Jafek
John Salmon
Human Power as an Alternative Energy Source Brigham Young University
Felix Resendiz
Dara Lettrell
Voltage and Current Measurement on Solar PV Modules Weber State University


1st place: Ephraim Nielson
2nd place: Joseph Melville
3rd place: John Garrett & Brad Richy
Honorable Mention: Cody Randall & Wes Hortin
Honorable Mention: Spencer Denton & Warren Parsons

Thanks to the Utah Section of ASME for judging and providing the prizes.




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