Posters Session


Poster Session & Networking Reception

Friday 6-7pm; Hood/Helens 2nd Level

  1. Building Ventilation System as a Low-Pass Filter for Intermittent Photovoltaic Electricity Generation

Yasser Yasaei (Center for Emerging Energy Technologies, University of New Mexico, USA); Rush Robinett (Michigan Tech University, USA); Andrea Mammoli (University of New Mexico, USA)

  1. Flexible Solar Simulator for Renewable Energy Instruction Laboratory

Tracy Roberts (Washington State University Tri-Cities, USA); Gabriel Mosbrucker (Engineer, USA); Joseph Petersen (Washington State Univerity, USA); Mohamed Osman (Washington State University-Tri-Cities, USA)

  1. Hot Water Occupancy Sensor

Irene Wong (Washington State University -Tri Cities, USA)

  1. Let’s Make Integrated Circuits “Green”

Archibald Doty, Jr (Retired, USA); Jesse Inkpen (Engineer, USA)

  1. Pervasive RF Energy Harvesting System (GSM 900 and GSM 1800)

Lim Teck Beng (Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore); Lee Ngai Meng (Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore); Poh Boon Kiat (Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore); Thiha Kyaw (Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore)




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